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SUBJECT: runs its own centralized parking reservation system through its Internet site: is an independent operator. Its bonds with the parking lots rest on agreements negotiated on a case-by-case basis with the owners. direct its customers towards its partner’s parking lot, which guarantees a space for its customer even if the park posts full the day of the reservation. commits to finding a parking spot for its customers. In certain establishments, the customer will have to station on a site which will have been assigned to him or her. In others, they will station on the site of their choice. is committed to seeking the best opportunities, in terms of price, proximity, comfort and safety according to the requests made by its customers, in agreement with the established settings.


To carry out a reservation, the customer must be initially registered by creating an account in which they give information on their identity, address and vehicle. Following the creation of the account, the customer will be given a customer number, necessary for any reservation. The characteristics of the reservation which the customer wishes to buy and the dates and hours of arrival and departure and also the characteristics of the parking lot are communicated to the customer before the order. The customer formally commits themself to taking note of it. As of that moment, cannot be held responsible if the customer carried out a reservation in a parking lot which cannot accept their vehicle or if they show up outside the business's hours. Customers are allowed a buffer zone of sixty (60) minutes exceeding the time of arrival they had committed to. If this limit is exceeded, access may be refused if the parking lot posts full.

In any event, and its operating partner or the owner of the parking lot concerned, cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage experienced by the customer, resulting from erroneous or incomplete information delivered by the customer.


The expenses of parking, the expenses of the associated services accepted by the customer, as well as the taxes, are payable at once, by bank card on the double system of banking security of the site ensured by Optimal Payments. The reservation of a parking spot is confirmed when the payment is carried out.

The payment might also have been made to a third party (e.g. the box office of a partner venue).


Following each reservation, the customer receives an e-mail:

  • It contains the invoice constituting the proof of payment of the reservation.
  • To gain access to any parking lot you will have to show your member’s card which you can print and present to the employees in charge, as they have been notified of your arrival. In the case that you cannot print your customer number, write it down or memorize it, because without it your access to the facilities will be refused.
  •  The member’s identification number is located in the MY PAGE section of the website.


Upon arriving at the reserved parking facility, three methods come into effect:

  • Show your reservation’s confirmation received when you made the reservation.
  • Show the ticket you received from the partner venue.
  • If there are no employees, you must leave your dashboard receipt or the venue ticket on the dashboard so that the employees are able to check your identification number.


The reservation takes effect from the hour registered by the customer at the time of the reservation. All early arrivals will be treated at the discretion of the employees onsite. cannot guarantee a parking spot if the customer shows up before the hour registered by the customer.
The customer will be allowed a buffer zone of sixty (60) minutes exceeding the time of arrival they had committed to. cannot guarantee a parking spot if the customer shows up more than an hour passed their registered time.


If the customer decides, for whatever reason, to leave the parking facility before the end of the fixed price, they will not be able to claim any refunding of the hours of parking not used, nor will they be able to return to the parking lot without paying The reservation, partly or in its totality, is not refundable.


Delayed departure
If the customer decides to prolong their duration of parking beyond the fixed price chosen, they will not be able to leave the parking without paying the extra cost to the employees, in accordance with the applicable charges.

Sport Utility Vehicle
If you drive a SUV, it is possible that an overload applies to your vehicle. To this end, we have placed at your disposal a box to check so that you can defray the cost simultaneously with the reservation. However, if these expenses are not discharged at the time of the reservation, they will have to be taken care of on the parking site.


The services offered by are not exchangeable.

If the customer cancels their reservation more than 24 hours before the date and the hour of the chosen reservation, will carry out refunding, with the deduction of a fixed fee of 1,50$.

If cancellation would is less than 24 hours before the date and hour of arrival of the customer, will not carry out any refunding whatsoever.

To cancel their reservation, the customer must send an email to containing their reservation number.


In no case may be held responsible in any way for any damage, physical or material that could rise from its use.
Moreover, may not be held responsible for the towing of your vehicle, nor the expenses associated with it, for any reason whatsoever.


This contract is subjected to Canadian law. The language of this contract is the English language. In the event of litigation, the Canadian courts will be the only qualified.