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  • The possibility to save up to 33% on the regular price of parking*;
  • A secure method of payment using a credit card;
  • No need to carry cash money;
  • FREE registration.


  • Directions that lead you straight to your destination;
  • The option to get the best spot in the parking lot*.

Drive safe

  • Accidents between motorists, pedestrians and cyclists are a reality when searching for parking, and numbers show that those searching for parking are much more inattentive to these other factors.
  • By reserving YOUR parking spot online, you know your final destination, and this allows you to keep your eyes on the road and help in reducing car accidents.


  • A time saver within the downtown or the Metro Longueuil area;
  • No need to look around for a parking spot;
  • The option to reserve YOUR parking spot online up to ONE MONTH in advance.

V.I.P service

  • For the people who can’t access the system or prefer to talk to a representative directly
  • Order by phone to get the best available spot according to your preferences


  • By reserving YOUR parking spot online, you know exactly where you're going and when.
  • No pitter-pattering around in circles wasting gas and sending off emissions into our ozone.
  • By avoiding searching endlessly for a parking spot, you will also reduce your gas expenses.

Search engine

  • Find YOUR parking spot 24/7;
  • Search filter;
  • Find out the distance between destinations and parking spots;
  • Parking details - Location, photos, prices, neighbourhood, etc.

Personal page

  • Get an account that will allow you to identify yourself at the time of your online parking reservations;
  • See a report of all your online reservations;
  • Give a rate of appreciation on each one of your reservations.

4 seasons

Autumn: With the upcoming holiday period, many consumers wish to go downtown to shop.

Winter: The snow and the cold are irritating factors. Save yourself time and possible frostbite.

Spring: The good weather returns, and it's time to enjoy it by heading downtown.

Summer: Big crowds head downtown to enjoy world-class festivals and events.